Drone surveying and inspection

Stratian uses the latest drone (UAV) technology to provide a range of aerial surveying and inspection services. Our team of engineers, surveyors and drone pilots creates data and insight you can rely upon

Our services

3D models

3D models - georeferenced point clouds, digital terrain models and 3D visualisations

Drone inspection

High resolution imagery to monitor and assess your vital assets

3D models and point clouds

Our process combines aerial and ground based images, and terrestrial laser scans to produce accurate measured 3D point clouds of structures and terrain. These models can be used to provide accurate visualisations of physical environments.

-Outputs in AutoCAD or LSS software

Industries include quarries, earthworks and construction

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Using high resolution imagery we can inspect your assets faster and safer than traditional methods

2D orthomosaics
Combine high resolution images to create one high resolution image/orthomosaic.
All our imagery is georeferenced to OS net
Matt Ayres - Operations Director - The Bennie Group

"Stratian has been providing us with a unique level of drone support on our projects and testing; unlike other providers they understand the value of drone technology to the industry and working with them is a welcome step change."

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