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Tell me more about your credentials as surveyors?

We have an advisory board comprised of senior chartered surveyors and engineers. Furthermore, the data acquisition plan and the subsequent processing of that data is completed by our team comprising of a drone pilot and surveyor - it's this dual expertise that leads to the best results.

What are your accreditations?

Stratian is authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority through our permission for commercial operation (PfCO) to operate unmanned aerial vehicles within the UK. We are also members of ARPAS (association of remotely piloted air vehicles).

All our crew are also CSCS certified (construction skills certification scheme), ensuring knowledge of safe practises within a construction site.

What about insurance?

We are insured by a specialist insurance provider up to a value of £5m, we also have liability insurance.

What UAVs and payloads do you use?

Our primary airframe is an industrial drone specifically manufactured for use in surveying and inspection. Our payloads  include the Zenmuse X4S (20 mp high resolution camera).

Do you have any capabilities beyond those listed on the site?

We will soon have an airborne LiDAR capability (laser) which will allow us to construct 3D models in low light conditions and areas of high vegetation cover. We are also looking to increase the resolution of our RGB cameras (standard colour camera) from 20MP to over 50MP.

Do you do anything beyond surveying/ inspection services?

Yes, we are currently in the early stages of development of a software product for the mining industry. If you would like to hear more about what we are doing in this regard, or would like to collaborate, please email our founder, Alex Hoppenbrouwers at alex@stratian.co.uk.

Are you hiring?

We are not hiring at the moment but have a number of hires in the pipeline. However, we are always on the look out for amazing people, if you are interested in joining us please email alex@stratian.co.uk with a CV and why you are interested in Stratian.