Drone mapping and surveying - create your digital twin

We use both aerial and ground based data including imagery and LiDAR scanning. This combination leads to the best coverage of a structure or terrain

Sub centimeter accuracy using Ground Control Points and industrial UAV’s.


Our 3D models can be outputted as point cloud, LAS, XYZ, Shapefiles, DXF or Contours.


Integration with CAD, BIM, and GIS software.

Matt Ayres - Operations Director - The Bennie Group

"Using Stratian we are able to rapidly model, visualise, and measure our sites giving our operational teams greater insight and added value into their everyday operations. This level of aerial and dimensional detail had previously been the reserve of our engineering team and our drone usage was infrequent due to its purely photographic nature. This step up in capability is the start of giving our teams more and more info to enable them to-do their jobs better."

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